guess who?

Well, after a much needed, and still desired, break from this blog, I’m back.  I was very busy with some things, and comments like this one were not helping to encourage me to push through:

I have been posting other places though, so if you haven’t seen them already, here are some pieces I’ve written:

Do or Die: 20 New Year’s resolutions for Mumbai for CNNGo (I only wrote the first ten)

12 guidebook myths about India for CNNGo

WaterWalla: Making clean water a profitable enterprise for slumdwellers for Mahindra

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback that I am a no-good whiner, and more politely, that I should try to include more positive content.  I agree, and I am going to try to do that going forward [to be fair, a lot of the more upbeat posts were about my work, which I had to hide].  I am also going to post a bunch of business-related content in the next few weeks, just for fun.


I’ll ask you this: is there anything you want to ask me about living here? Anything you want me to write about?


MMNFD:  Indians donate the equivalent of 0.6 per cent of the country’s GDP to charity. While the US gives approximately 1.8 percent, and Brazil and China, by comparison, give just 0.3 per cent and 0.1 per cent of their GDP, respectively. [source, source]

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30 Responses to guess who?

  1. Glad you’re back old girl!
    Those comments were vile, I have this guy who constantly e-mails me (as I have had to remove his content from the blog) insinuating that I am basically a brainless floozy westerner who likes to eat cats & dogs!!! (I don’t ever recall putting up a recipe for either) and also despite my pic on my about me, is convinced I’m chinese & therefore apparently responsible for attacking ‘defenceless Tibetan Monks’ (I kid you not he really said this!) According to my feedjit he lives in Mumbai so if you see him knee him in his ‘Tibetan Monks’ for me :D

  2. I’ve no Idea, I am assuming you and I are responsible for all such heinous crimes, such wayward women as we are!
    Once I got a complete lecture on the caste system because I had the audacity to complain about noisy Maharashtran weddings! I wouldn’t mind but mine is primarily a (cats and dog free) food blog!

  3. Lotho Sackville-Baggins says:

    > I’ll ask you this: is there anything you want to ask me about living here?
    > Anything you want me to write about?

    Expat Indian here. Being a frequent reader of expat blogs(often because it is an interesting window back into a culture that I have been away from for a non-trivial period of time), my POV is that you shouldn’t lose your ‘voice’ for anybody or anything. Your take on life in India may be ugly, tasteful, gut-wrenching, flavorful, intense, textured, what-have-you … – it is unique in that it is yours. And IMHO neither you nor any of the other expat bloggers out there have to yield to a few(albeit persistent) set of trolls. They(and often times me as well) can just as easily stop reading anything they find unpleasant by steering their browsers elsewhere. (Having said, there is also room for respectful dialogue if both sides wish to engage.)

    And now I shall recede back into the shadows from whence I sprung forth… Toodles…

  4. In unrelated news Hilary, I just returned from an appointment at the opticians where I was asked to take my shoes off in the waiting room (I refused) and there was a bed in the opticians office!
    What’s up with that already?
    Specsavers it was not

  5. Maeve says:

    Blog what you want. People hate on healthy living blogs, architecture blogs, religious blogs, puppy blogs…at least your content is funny. And you’ve been the source of a lot of “oh-my-god-that-happened-to-me-too-I-thought-I-was-aloooooone-in-this” moments for me, and i assume a lot of other expats.

  6. sharell says:

    I agree, don’t stop writing the way you do. Your blog is unique and hilarious. Don’t let chutiyas like Jay put you off at all. He seems a bit unstable anyway. Hugely complimenting you one minute and turning around and being rude and insulting the next. He obviously doesn’t have a sense of humour either.

  7. Absolutely, who is Jay anyways?! Maybe he is a Tibetan Monk?

  8. I agree with Maeve and Sharell! Jay is a douche chutiya who was trying hopefully to flatter you, then flipped when it (duh) didn’t play out how he might have liked ;)
    I think your blog is fabulous and hilarious and absolutely full of those “oh-my-god-that-happened-to-me-too-I-thought-I-was-aloooooone-in-this” moments, as reported by Maeve. It’s also very smart and very current. You have a lot to offer, HIM! expat lady love to you.

  9. Khalid says:

    Allah willing, all white women will leave India and go back to their home countries where they can watch Sex and the city and tramp around! Leave us Indians alone!

  10. No we won’t go ‘home’ because India is our ‘home’ (like it is to 5 million British Indians back ‘home’) we live here with good normal rational Indian men, but don’t worry we will certainly leave you alone

    PS *Allah willing’ :/

    • hilaryfg says:

      Don’t worry – “Khalid” appears to be someone named Andrew Bernstein writing from Washington, DC. Interesting! An internet troll who didn’t realize I can see his email ID and IP address…

    • *Dheeraj* says:

      Whoever he is, Wherever he’z from, it ain’t his right to say anything to those who come here. :/
      There’s law that’ll say what you should do and what not.

  11. Khalid says:

    Allah, the most merciful, Raam and Waheguru ji are beyond the comprehension of nearly all white women. You live only for yourself and your sex while we Indians live for our families and friends.

  12. Oh Andrew you are priceless, and incidentally such a nice ‘british’ name, sadly us ‘white women’ don’t come with degrees and what not, oh wait… yes we do

  13. Khalid says:

    I’m sorry I don’t follow your statements

  14. I’m sorry you are so dumb, why don’t you spend less time on trawling through white women in India blogs and more time on your education

  15. Khalid says:

    So hostile, shows me there is truth to my statements.

    Khuda Hafiz!

  16. well I like Sharell am married to an Indian, luckily nice ones, but you are apparently called Andrew, as far as I am aware (with my stupid western bird brain) isn’t a Hindu name, we aren’t hostile unless twats provoke us

    • Khalid says:

      I am obviously a Muslim! Every Indian or South Asian is not a Hindu! South Asia is over 30% Muslim. You must be married to a Hindu. There are so many Hindu and Sikh men marrying whites nowadays. Hopefully they retain their Indian culture, or in a few generations there will be nothing left!

      Khuda Hafiz

    • Khalid says:

      Finished reading some of your blog. You’re hostility makes a lot of sense. Look at some of the offensive things you say:

      “We should focus more on the positive aspects of British Occupation, invasion and slavery of India instead of negative ones”

      “Why are my neighbors trying to have dinner with on CHRISTMAS DAY???? Blah blah blah, I am entitled angry white women”

  17. However your Grammar doubts your name

  18. just another blogtrotter says:

    Hi Hillary, an Indian here.. let me assure you that the likes of jay and Khaild/Andrew/Jackass dont represent us Indians. nor do all Indians believe the stuff the guys wrote about caucasian women..when I was 12-13 and watched white women in skimpy clothes in hollywood movies and had never met or talked to a white woman, even i believed whatever was shown in the movies and was perceived in media. after 10 years and after having several foreigner friends, I know differently.

    • Khalid says:

      My dear boy, I represent Indians far better than you do, and have traveled abroad extensively!

      Just because a few women who blog on the web don’t behave in a promiscuous manner doesn’t mean that all white women are like this! A white woman may also behave nicely, but have 10-12 sexual partners a year!

      Khuda Hafiz!

      • just another blogtrotter says:

        first of all, I am a girl. And what has traveling got to do with representing Indians?? labeling Caucasian women as promiscuous is like saying ” Indians are smelly, bad mannered” are we ALL like that?? dude, grow up!!! seriously, or take your sad attitude to some other blog!

        Btw, if someone is promiscuous, what is your problem??? the world is free!!
        Alla Hafiz!

      • Khalid says:

        If the world is free, than I am free to make judgement calls on the promisciouity of white women. I am also free to live a good spiritual life, unlike them!

    • hilaryfg says:

      Thanks for writing in! I know it’s difficult to change your perspective on people and it’s great to hear about people who’ve done so for the better.

  19. Sir says:

    All I’m trying to say is… get lost back to talcum powder country you wandering restless ghosts. Take your chutiya indian husbands with you and stay there.

    I know america is the greatest country in the world. I’ve been there on a tourist visa. They told me to not get sick else I’m fuked. You people come here and get treated in the best hospitals in india and when I get sick in US, it costs me a river. Outstanding hospitality, huh?

    I’ve seen what happens in america and I’ve seen what kind of people live there. You don’t have to tell me.

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